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Last month I invited Ryan and James over for dinner with Sebastian (my suitor) and I.  They'd met him before, but this was the first official "getting to know each other" session.  Needless to say there were several bottles of wine involved.  Drinking with friends leads to raucous games of Cards Against Humanity followed by random discussions on things you would probably never discuss if you were sober.  Hence how the subject of Wonder Woman's virginity came up.  

In canon, it seems that Wonder Woman is a bit on the virginal side...though nothing has ever been confirmed one way or another.  The men (Sebastian and James) stand by their argument that Wonder Woman is a paragon of virtue and thus would be a virgin.  They also cited the fact that she's an Amazon as a reason she would never share her body with a man.   Needless to say, this required a counter argument from the ladies.

Here's our take on it...

Whether WW has had sex with a man or not has nothing to do with the status of her virginity.  Sex is sex.  If anything, her being an Amazon is more reason to think she's not a virgin.  The Amazons are a society of strong, warrior women who are very much about female empowerment.  They aren't shy about their bodies.  Hell, they have communal baths.  These are not women that would have been squeamish about sexuality or the exploration of it.  I don't believe for a second that a horny, teenaged Diana didn't take advantage of the bevy of beautiful women ready to tend to her every desire.  I doubt Diana suddenly became a prude when she entered Man's World.  She openly desired men (Steve Trevor, Trevor Barnes, Tom Tresser, and to a lesser extent Batman).  I can't remember which, but I distinctly remember her asking one guy to join her in the shower...does that sound like a virgin to you? 

Weekend Update

As usual, it's been ages since I've updated this thing.  What can I say, I'm a busy woman...but I think meeting one of my favorite celebs is update worthy so here it is...

Last week was Spring break for the kids, so the first thing I did was put them on a plane and send them clear across the country to spend the week with my cousin Taylor in Cali.  Because I so rarely have any, I had no idea what to do with all my shiny new free time.  Luckily Sebastian had the smashing idea to surprise me with a trip to Asheville, NC for Action Fest 2012.  We had a blast (I always do with him).  We went down on Wednesday morning and returned home on Sunday night.  We saw a ton of great action movies (if you can find them, check out Let the Bullets Fly, Comin' At Ya' 3D, and The Raid: Redemption)...and a stunt show...and a rocket man.

Sebastian hasn't known me long, but he knows me surprisingly well.  He's well aware of the massive girl crush I have on Gina Carano and the true motive behind the trip was revealed as I was flipping through the program and realized Gina Carano was going to be at the film fest.  She was honored with the first annual "Chick Norris" award.  The award recognizes a female star who exhibits “the attitude, spirit, athleticism and grit of Hollywood legend Chuck Norris"...which pretty much means she's a total bad-ass (and she is).

She arrived Saturday evening to do an intro of her favorite action film, True Romance.  The first thing that strikes you about her is how much smaller she seems in person.  The second thing you notice is that she's absolutely adorable.  She has huge dimples and a gorgeous smile that is always plastered on her face.  The last thing you'd expect is for a former Muay Thai/MMA fighter and current actress to be shy, but she is.  She speaks very softly and covers her face with her hands in embarrassment often.  She's giggly and girly--gorgeous and gracious.  She's wonderful to her fans and easily complied with all the requests for autographs and pictures with her putting people in various choke holds.  Even though she had a pretty tight schedule she was never impatient and didn't rush anyone along.  She eagerly made small talk and answered questions.  We chatted for a few minutes about Muay Thai. 

Meeting celebrities that I like is always a bit scary to me.  You never know how a person is going to be and you already have this fantasy in your head.  I just don't like to be disappointed when they don't live up to my expectations.  Luckily, Gina exceeded my expectations.  She's such a sweetheart it's impossible to dislike her.  She's got my support in whatever she chooses to pursue.

Post-Holiday Update

I think I'm going to just stop trying with Scott at this point.  I've given it a good effort, I've done all I can, and he has thrown it away every time.  It has gotten to a point where my neck starts tensing up just from the thought of having to talk to him.  Whatever, his loss...maybe he'll get it together one day when I'm feeling generous enough give him another chance, but for now I'm moving on.  Other than his shenanigans, I've had a surprisingly good month.  Though I'm not religious and personally don't care much about Christmas, I don't deny the kids the gift experience.  This year I banned my mother from my house (she has been known to break into my house and decorate while I'm not home), so they opened their gifts at my parents' house.  Needless to say, they received everything they asked for plus some.

In other news, Ryan tore her ACL and had to have surgery right before the holidays.  She's doing better, but that ends her dance career for at least the next 6 months.  At least the scar is not as obnoxious as the one from her collar bone surgery.  I mean really, it looks like someone with really bad aim tried to slash her throat. 

On to more important things...
It's been a while since I've had a new girlcrush.  It's hard to compete with Sara Ramirez...the woman is just that hot, but there's someone peeking over her shoulder.  I'd seen her before and definitely took notice (it's really hard not to), but I just wasn't feeling her like that until she suddenly started coming back into the spotlight.  I've kept you waiting long enough...the lovely lady I'm referring to is the one and only Gina "Conviction" Carano.  She's a Muy Thai/MMA fighter/American Gladiator turned movie star (check her out in Haywire on the 20th).  Angel face, but her body is evil in the best way...and she could literally break your face.  Yes, I find that incredibly sexy.  Plus she has this very sexy dichotomy going where she's this very sweet, shy girl out in the regular world...but put her in a cage and she's an absolute monster (girl has a beastly right hook and she throws a mean elbow too).  Anyway, enough talking, more checking her out...

This is Gina Carano beating the pants off of Leticia Pestova in her first MMA fight.  She won in 38 seconds...

Oh, and she was on the revamped version of American Gladiators.  I admit it, that has been one of my guilty pleasure shows since the beginning.  Pay close attention to Gina aka Crush around the 1:45 mark.  She's a little bit insane...we all know I love that in a woman...

And while you're at it, check out the trailer for Haywire.  I'll be at the midnight showing.  I can't stand Channing Tatum; he's the worst actor ever...so it's worth it just to watch him get his ass kicked by a gorgeous woman.

Greetings from Earth

It's been forever since I've updated this thing.  Yes, I know, I'm a slacker.  On the up side, the longer I take to update, the more I have to fill you in on.  Exciting, right? (Ok, I tried).  On to the news...

Things that haven't changed:

  • I'm still dancing.  I've had to slow down a bit due to injuries, but I can't foresee a time when I'd ever stop dancing.  It's painful and exhausting, but I love it and it keeps me sane.
  • Ryan and I are still causing trouble and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • The two little people (Jacen & Caden) are a little older, a little wiser, and a lot better at pushing my buttons.  They drive me crazy, but I've got to love them.  They're my babies after all.
  • James and Ryan are still going strong...5 kids and all.  They even survived a two month vacation and country hopping with the kids. 

Things that have changed:

  • My loser ex-sperm donor is less of a loser.  He broke up with the hoodrat girlfriend and started contacting me to inquire about J.  He needed a little help with the drug problem (because I wasn't going to let him see J without that being taken care of), so I volunteered to send him to rehab.  He's out now and has landed a steady job.  He's doing really well and I'm at least a little proud of him despite everything he has put me (and J) through.  He went to court of his own free will to make sure child support gets taken out of his check and he has even apologized to me.  He's really trying and I respect that....it's more than I can say for Scott.
  • Speaking of Scott (nice segue, right?), we are no longer together.  We're still legally married, but he has moved out of the house and it's looking a lot like we're headed for a divorce.  There's was no infidelity involved, no major drama really (except him not liking me reestablishing contact with my ex-husband)...it's just that somewhere along the way he started just going through the motions and that wasn't part of the deal.  I told him from the beginning that I'm not happy being an afterthought.  If we're not both going to be all in, it's not worth holding on to.  I still love him, and I hope he gets his shit together so we can work this thing out, but if he doesn't...oh well.  I think everyone was expecting me to be terribly broken up about it, but I'm fine.  Relationships end sometimes.  We have a son together so he'll always have a place in my life, but we just can't be together if he can't be bothered to pay attention to me once in a while.  Regardless, my life has to go on.
  • My dad finally retired.  Shocking, I know.  I never thought it would actually happen.  Now he's taken up driving my mom crazy by destroying the house.  He fancies himself a contractor apparently and has been remodeling things that don't need to be remodeled.
So that's pretty much the sum of what's been going on with me lately.  Right now, Ryan, Justin, and I are all a little sick...dancing in close quarters with germ spreading kids does that to you sometimes.  So we've been lying around my house watching movies all weekend.  James is going to whip up something for dinner.  After that I guess I'll get some rest and try to talk my parents into keeping the kids until tomorrow.

Later days,


True Love, Always and Forever

If you read my blog, you already know who Sara Ramirez is and what she does for a living.  What you might not know is that she lost her best friend Al D. Rodriguez to liver cancer in 2008 and is one of the founders of a non-profit organization started in his memory called the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation (ADRLF).

October 4, 2010 marked the second annual ADRLF fundraiser. This year's benefit was called "Broadway Takes the Runway" and I had the great pleasure of attending thanks to my best friend Alvin.  Broadway and fashion?  That's what we live for, so he surprised me with VIP tickets.The even was AMAZING!  Words can't even describe...Audra McDonald sang, Sara Ramirez sang...need I say more?  We had a great time and it was a worthy cause.

Our favorite part of the night (outside of meeting Sara Ramirez of course) was when some of Al D. Rodriguez's other friends told the story of how Al and Sara met.  It was heartbreaking and beautiful.  They met, fell madly in love with each other, and she was by his side until his last breath.  If you want to hear the story, someone posted the audio here: How Al and Sara Met.

I was really happy to have Alvin there with me.  Their story is a lot like ours, except our love affair first started in middle school and he's thankfully very healthy (funny how both our boys are named Al though).  I feel for her.  I couldn't imagine having to go through watching my best friend slip away like that.  I love my husband, I really do...but Scott's not the great love of my life.  Alvin's the great love of my life.  Always has been, always will be.  He's my best friend, my brother, my husband, my non-sexual life partner...he's my everything.

"Baby, there is nothing--NOTHING greater than the love between a hag and her fag.  It's me and you 'til death do us part, darling." - Alvin

That's my boy :)  My children and my parents are the only people alive who have a place in my heart as big as his. 

(SN: Sara Ramirez if fucking HOT on TV, but she is 1000x hotter in person.  Cheese & rice that woman should be outlawed!)

So They Finally Have a Baby Boy...

By they I mean my friends Ryan and James.  They are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy named Harper (after Harper Lee) Carroll (after Jim Carroll) Gallegos(his paternal grandmother's maiden name).  It's crazy how much he looks like James, considering he's not their biological child, but I guess it's not too surprising since they do share DNA.  I'll be back soon with a better update...right now we're all still busy fawning over baby H.

Goodbye, Old Friends

I'm absolutely heartbroken. There's no other way to put it. I've been heartbroken since around 3:00 p.m. on December 20, 2009 because that's when I found out Brittany Murphy was dead. I know it sounds crazy...being heartbroken over a person you didn't know and never met, but I am. Maybe it's because she was my first real girl crush. Or maybe it's because I just lost an old friend from high school too and she was the reason we became friends in the first place.  Maybe it's because I've always associated her with a magical time in my life...when everything was beautiful and innocent and perfect.  Maybe it's because losing them makes me think about my own mortality.  I've always had this feeling that I would never see 40 and maybe these are signs that my time will come soon.  Maybe it's a little bit of all of the above.

Chris and I first met on the opening night of the movie Clueless.  I'd known of him from around school, but we weren't friends.  However, we did have friends in common and a huge group of us went to see Clueless together.  Chris and I somehow ended up sitting beside each other.  Kismet.  I can't ever admit this to Scott, but the second he flashed me that perfect smile, I thought he was the most gorgeous boy I'd ever seen.  After the movie, while everyone else was fawning over Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash, Chris and I spent the rest of the night glued to each other's sides gushing over how adorable Brittany Murphy was. 

I didn't know her, but somehow it feels like we've grown up together.  I've watched her go from adorable teen to gorgeous young woman on screen.  It's really hard to accept that she won't be making the rest of the journey with me.  It's hard to accept that he won't.  I feel like there's a knife in my chest and I can't pull it out.  It's not fair.  It's not fair that two beautiful, vibrant, good-hearted, young people with their whole lives ahead of them aren't here...but murderers, rapists, and thieves are still alive and well.  How fucked up is that?

People often ask me why I don't believe in God.  Even disregarding the lack of tangible evidence...how could I?  The idea that there's a being up there powerful enough to create the universe and everything in it...powerful enough to control what happens.  The idea that there's a being up there that has the power to change things, but won't...well, that's just too much for me to bear.  This has to be random; this has to be chaos.  There can't be a God with some incomprehensible plan that involves snatching good people away from those who love them.  There  just can't be.

Brittany Murphy was such an incredible actress...and the woman had a hell of a voice.  I'll always remember that woman with the big, bright, gorgeous brown eyes and huge grin...and that laugh that beautifully silly, infectious laugh.  I hate that the accusations of anorexia and drug use are overshadowing all that she's accomplished.  Hollywood is a cruel and fickle place.  I've seen way too many articles talk about how tragic her death was in one sentence, and in the next say she wasn't very accomplished as an actress anyway.  That's bullshit...insensitive bullshit.  Why can't they just celebrate her life and the legacy she's left behind?  She was a person with fans and friends and family who loved the hell out of her and it's hard enough that she's gone.  They shouldn't have to be subjected to the bullshit too.

Chris...he was just so amazing.  He was so happy and full of life and just an all around fun guy.  We would lose touch for long periods of time, but when we finally did talk again it was always like we'd just seen each other yesterday.  There was no awkwardness at all.  He'd just flash me that gorgeous smile and give me a hug so big it would lift me off my feet and everything was just fine.  I'd give anything to get one of those hugs again.  I just want my Superman back.

I'd give anything to get them both back.  They should be here....the world isn't right without them. 

Goodbye Baby #5

So remember I said Ryan and James were done with babies? Turns out they just thought they were. James had a vasectomy shortly after Kiley was born and because Ryan is the most fertile woman in the world, they figured they should double up on the protection and Ryan had the Essure procedure a few months later. There's about a three month period of time after the Essure procedure in which you have to use some form of protection to allow the tissue to grow, then you can stop once you're given the all clear. James had already been given the all clear from his vasectomy, but just to be on the safe side they used condoms anyway while Ryan was waiting for hers. They did EVERYTHING right...so why did she find out she was pregnant again last week?

Ry suffered a skull fracture during a motocross accident when she was a kid. Ever since she's had really horrible migraines from time to time. Lately they've been getting worse and more frequent so she went to see a neurologist. They scheduled a ton of tests and drew blood and the whole nine. The next day she gets a call from the neurologists' office informing her to stop taking the medication he prescribed because she's pregnant. Needless to say, she flipped out. She told James and he knew only one of two things could have happened...she cheated on him (which he wasn't at all worried about) or something went wrong with their respective procedures.

He did some research and found out that the microscope test that is standard procedure for giving someone the all clear after a vasectomy isn't particularly accurate. There's another test called a pelleted test that gives more accurate results. He had the pelleted test and it turns out he has a sperm count of three or something ridiculous like that...but it only takes one to make a baby. They did have one condom breakage incident, but like any sane people who had both gone through a sterilization procedure, they weren't expecting it to be a problem...especially when one of them had already been told that their procedure was successful.

Ry physically can't handle having another baby. She just can't do it...so she had to make the tough decision of terminating this one. For all her tough, bad-ass exterior, she's has a soft gooey center. She gets really emotional and sensitive when it comes to her children because she loves being a mother so much. It's all she's ever wanted out of life...so for her to have to make a decision to terminate her baby is huge. They decided on Mifeprex so she could be in the comfort of her own home. They idea of going through that in a cold, medical environment was more than she could bear.

James had the brilliant idea of trying to make something good out of a completely fucked up situation, so he invited all of her closets friends and family over and turned it into a goodbye party for baby #5. Her sister Kieran flew in from Cali and brought Alvin and Adrian along. Scott and I were there of course...along with Ryan's dad and Justin. James knows exactly how far into the rabbit hole she can fall when she's depressed so he thought having friends and family around would keep her from going to deep. It worked in theory. She was as ok as she could be for the two days everyone was around, but she has pretty much shut down. Poor James doesn't know what to do. I guess there's nothing he can do except let her feel it and be there for her when she needs him :/

(SN: I'm making Scott have that pelleted test before he gets near me again. That really should be standard procedure).

Epic Blogger FAIL

I know, I haven't updated this thing in ages.  It's epic blogger FAIL.  It's all my fault and I apologize.  I will try hard not to make friends with the FAIL Whale again. 

There has been so much going on lately that blogging didn't even cross my mind. I've had some staffing issues since Ryan's last pregnancy forced her to take a leave of absence.  After two failed attempts at finding an instructor to replace her, I finally found Justin...third time is the charm I guess.  Anyway, he's fabulous and super talented, and he's Ryan's new gay boyfriend.  I thought I was going to get her back soon, but then she came down with the flu.  She's mostly recovered now, but isn't back to full strength so I'll have to see how that goes.  In any case, I'm keeping Justin on permanently, so that helps...but I'm going to have to consider bringing someone in temporarily if Ry isn't feeling up to it soon. 

It's college application time and I've been putting in extra hours to help my more promising students prepare for auditions.  I have several applying to Juilliard, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and The Boston Conservatory.  In addition to that, I have the fun of making sure Jacen and Caden make it to school and their various activities on time.  Needless to say, I'm perpetually exhausted...and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen Scott for more than a couple of hours in months.  Sure, we run into each other in passing while racing out the door...or we have enough time to say "hi" and "bye" while transferring ownership of the kids, but that's about it.  We have a text/AIM relationship at this point. 

I think we need a nanny and a childless vacation.

Baby Girl #4: Name Update

Well, the kid finally has a name.  In a completely shocking twist, Ryan gave in and let James pick her first name.  So she is Kiley.  Kiley Rhys...I will call her Rilo Kiley.



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